Jason Momoa Sets His Sights on Demi Moore After Divorce

Less than a month after his painful divorce, the charming and talented Jason Momoa is wasting no time in finding a new partner. According to RadarOnline, the Aquaman and Game of Thrones star has his eyes on none other than the beautiful and talented Demi Moore. The two met at a recent event in Hollywood, and Momoa was instantly captivated by the actress.

Fans of Momoa will be familiar with his recent divorce from Lisa Bonet, his wife of four years. After being together for 12 years, the couple has now split and are free to explore new romances. And it seems Momoa has his sights set on Moore, who was previously married to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. Moore, who is 61 years old, shares three children with Willis and has been a source of support for him during his battle with dementia.

While Moore is currently single, she seems to be making Momoa work to catch her attention. The celebrity duo were spotted together at a screening of the documentary Common Ground on January 18. An insider revealed, “After they chatted, Jason snagged her number from a mutual friend, and he’s been laying it on thick, telling her she’s the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen. He’s been texting her, saying he hopes she has a day as beautiful as she is. It’s super cheesy, but Demi’s loving it.”

Momoa is not just stopping at flattery and sweet words. He has been eagerly asking Moore out on a date and has even reached out to friends who know her, hoping they can put in a good word for him. According to a source, Momoa sees a potential match with Moore and believes she could teach him a lot.

In addition to his romantic pursuits, Momoa has also made a significant lifestyle change following his separation from Bonet. Instead of staying in a traditional home, he has embraced a simpler and eco-friendly lifestyle by living in a van. Momoa shares glimpses of his “van life” on social media, revealing his love for the freedom and sustainability it offers.

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