Cher’s Efforts to Protect her Son Elijah’s Health and Safety

Cher’s Concerns for Elijah’s Well-being

In a recent court hearing, Cher expressed deep concern for her son Elijah’s health and safety. Her lawyer emphasized that Cher fears for Elijah’s life, citing his ongoing struggles with drug addiction and his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. The attorney highlighted that doctors warned Cher that if she didn’t take action, her son would end up on the streets again. However, Elijah’s legal team objected to Cher’s concerns.

Although Cher’s worries were driven by genuine concern for her son, the judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to appoint Cher as her son’s conservator. The judge recognized Cher’s concerns but stated that they alone are not the basis for a conservatorship. The judge emphasized the need for substantial evidence before granting temporary and emergency conservatorship.

Cher’s Filing for Conservatorship

Nevertheless, TMZ reports that Cher has filed for conservatorship to control access to Elijah’s finances. Cher claims that due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues, her son is unable to manage his own financial resources effectively. Cher’s two other children also nominated her as the most suitable person to be Elijah’s conservator.

Cher also addressed allegations made by Elijah’s estranged wife, Marieangela, who accused Cher of attempting to kidnap Elijah. Cher stated that Marieangela was undermining Elijah’s efforts to seek help for his substance abuse and mental health issues. A court date has been set for March 2024 to address these matters.

Cher Denies Accusations

In response to the kidnapping allegations, Cher’s representative vehemently denied the accusations, stating that they are entirely false.

The Accusations of Kidnapping

According to court documents filed by Marieangela King, Cher’s ex-daughter-in-law, Cher has been accused of trying to kidnap Elijah. The documents claim that Cher hired four men in November 2022 to take Elijah, allegedly removing him from a New York City hotel room where he and Marieangela were celebrating their anniversary. The couple had been in the room for 12 days, attempting to repair their broken marriage. Marieangela alleges that she was informed by one of the men that they were hired by Elijah’s mother. She further expressed concern about her husband’s well-being and whereabouts, as she has had no contact with him since the incident.

Currently, Cher has not responded to these claims.

Elijah’s Struggles and Cher’s Love

Elijah has been open about his battle with drug addiction since a young age, and he has sought treatment at various facilities. Cher’s concerns for her son’s well-being reflect a mother’s love and determination to protect and support her child.