A Precious Pair of Rare Twins with Down Syndrome

Twins are always something to celebrate, but when 23-year-old Savannah Combs found out she was not only expecting twins but also that they both had Down syndrome, she knew she had something truly special.

Living in Middleburg, Florida, Savannah decided to document her journey with her twin daughters, Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, on TikTok. The girls quickly gained a following, with their charming personalities shining through in each video. But it wasn’t always an easy road for Savannah and her family.

During one of her prenatal appointments, Savannah was even told to consider aborting her babies because they would not make it. But she chose to give them a fighting chance, considering every appointment that showed her babies were still alive a blessing. And in May 2021, Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman were born, arriving two months before their due date. They had to spend several weeks in the NICU before coming home.

What makes these twins even more unique is that they are mono di twins. This means they each had their own sacs but shared the same placenta, making them identical. Combining this rarity with the fact that they both have Down syndrome makes them even more special, with the odds of such a combination being one in two million.
Despite their rare condition, Savannah emphasizes that her daughters are just like any other child. They have feelings, a beating heart, and the ability to learn and grow. While they may reach milestones at their own pace, Savannah knows they will get there with determination and support.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been kind to Savannah and her family. Critics have taken to social media to voice their insensitive opinions. But Savannah has a perfect response for them. She knows that her daughters are beautiful and precious, and she is grateful that they were born to her and her husband, who love and cherish them unconditionally.
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