After Only Having Boys, They Try For A Girl “1 Last Time,” End Up With Quintuplets Instead

A Miracle in the Hulen Family

Joshua and Megan Hulen had always dreamed of having a daughter. With two boys in their family, they were eager to add some feminine energy to the mix. Determined to give it one last shot, they embarked on the journey of trying for a girl. Little did they know that this decision would bring them an unexpected surprise – quintuplets!

The news came as a shock to Megan when the doctors informed her that she was not just pregnant with one baby, but five! Their family of four was about to transform into a family of nine in an instant. “They did not come from IVF,” Megan clarified, adding that they were conceived before the pandemic took over their lives.

Megan fondly recalls that her pregnancy began before the pandemic hit, allowing Joshua to accompany her to early appointments. These appointments played a crucial role in uniting the family and preparing them for the significant challenge that lay ahead. Not only would Megan have to navigate the unique experience of carrying and delivering quintuplets, but they would also have to face the uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus.

“It’s been really crazy, something we never expected, for sure,” Megan admitted. The Hulens had hoped for a girl, and after exploring options, they pursued fertility treatments. However, fate had a different plan. Doctors discovered some issues and halted further treatments. Little did they know that Megan was already carrying five precious lives within her.

At their six-week ultrasound, the couple received the startling news that they were about to become parents to not one, but five babies. The shock, excitement, and terror all mingled within the couple as they processed this unexpected turn of events. Chloe, Adam, Emma, Allison, and Madison made their entrance into the world on September 2, at 32 weeks.

“This miracle is overwhelming,” Joshua confessed. The quintuplets defied all odds, surprising both their parents and the medical professionals involved in their care. Megan shared, “Typically, in cases like ours, one or two babies may not be viable, or some pregnancies result in fewer babies. But in our case, all five heartbeats remained strong.”

Not only were the quintuplets a one in 43 million chance, but they also made history as the first set of quintuplets born in North Dakota. Jacob, the babies’ older brother, expressed his joy, saying, “This has never happened. I’m glad to be home and witness this amazing experience.”

With a big smile, Megan emphasized, “We are super excited and happy to have a big family. It’s bigger than what we anticipated, but we consider ourselves blessed and grateful.” Joshua chimed in, jokingly adding, “Definitely a lot bigger!”

As the Hulen family embraces their new reality, they look forward to the day when they can finally catch up on some much-needed sleep. But amidst the challenges and the exhaustion, they hold onto gratitude for the miracle that entered their lives.