Woman Finds Unexpected Guest in Her Christmas Tree

We all love finding surprises under our Christmas trees, but what one woman discovered recently left her absolutely shocked. TikTok user @brettbratt359 went viral after a very unexpected holiday guest made itself comfortable in her tree. It all began when she heard a sneeze inside her home, which she initially thought was one of her pets. But upon investigating further, she noticed a “big, long-looking rat tail” coming out of her Christmas tree. To her astonishment, she found a possum nestled among her holiday ornaments.

“I was in shock. I didn’t know what it was,” she said in a video. The possum had somehow made its way into her house and decided to take up residence in her tree. Brett was completely astonished and didn’t know what to do. She exclaimed, “I have no idea how this possum got in my house and up into my tree, and I’m trying to get it out, but it will not let me. I just don’t know what to do.” She reassured the possum that it was cute but expressed her confusion about how to handle the situation.

In a follow-up video, the woman explained that animal control wouldn’t come after hours, so she had to take matters into her own hands. After attempting to coax the possum out with food, she decided to reach in and grab it, wearing protective gloves in case it became aggressive. Fortunately, the possum wasn’t aggressive, but it was stubborn. She had to gently detach its fingers from the branch, causing a small fall from the tree. The ordeal didn’t end there, as the possum quickly scurried under her couch, and she had to chase the unexpectedly agile animal around her house.

With determination, Brett moved the couch with all her strength and tackled the possum like an NFL football player. After catching it, she managed to calm the possum down before releasing it outside. She mentioned that the possum didn’t have an aggressive nature but had quite a strong odor. As an animal lover with several pets, including three dogs, two snakes, a bearded dragon, and a cat, Brett jokingly stated that she probably would have kept the possum if it didn’t smell so unpleasant. She still couldn’t figure out how the possum got in, speculating that it may have entered the house while chasing her pet dogs.

This extraordinary story is definitely a surprise! We’re relieved to see that this woman safely handled the situation and released her new possum friend back into the wild. We hope he’s doing well and has found a real, outdoor tree to hang out in.