Suzanne Somers’ husband reveals she was laid to rest wearing an unexpected pair of shoes

Suzanne Somers' husband reveals she was laid to rest wearing an unexpected pair of shoes

In a heartfelt tribute to his late wife Suzanne Somers, Alan Hamel shared a touching detail about her final resting place. Instead of the glamorous Manolo Blahniks she was known for, Suzanne was laid to rest wearing a pair of personalized Timberland boots.

Hamel explained that these boots held a special meaning for the couple. For over 50 years, their morning routine included hiking to the top of a mountain, where they would enjoy lunch on a flat rock in the middle of a creek. It was during these hikes that Suzanne would wear her Timberland boots and feel a sense of safety and connection to nature.

The decision to choose Timberland boots over high-end designer shoes was a deeply personal one for Hamel. He wanted to honor the shared moments they had on those mountains, rather than opting for something predictable. He ordered the Timberlands and drew a few words on them that represented their life together, adding a personal touch to the gift.

Suzanne Somers’ death, which occurred on October 15, just one day before her 77th birthday, brought a mix of mourning and celebration. Family members had already gathered to celebrate her birthday, while others were set to arrive the following day. Despite the sadness, the family toasted to Suzanne’s memory and planned to continue the celebration in a way that she would have loved – with lots of cake.

The story of Suzanne Somers being laid to rest in Timberland boots is a beautiful testament to the love and connection between husband and wife. It shows that the most meaningful tributes are often the ones that hold personal significance. Let’s share this special story and remember Suzanne’s spirit of adventure and love for nature.