Overcoming Addiction: Jamee’s Journey to Recovery

It’s Never Too Late to Turn Your Life Around

Have you ever felt like you’ve taken too many wrong turns? Like the odds are stacked against you and overcoming them seems impossible? Well, let us tell you, that is rarely the case. With the right support and mindset, you can make changes to beat any personal battle you’re facing. Jamee Valet’s inspiring story is a testament to this belief and shows that there is hope for everyone.

Jamee, a 25-year-old recovering meth and heroin addict from Sweet Home, Oregon, recently made waves on the internet after sharing a series of dramatic before and after pictures. Her images were posted on the Facebook page, The Addict’s Diary, where people are encouraged to share their recovery journeys.

In her post, Jamee explains how she overcame addiction, turning her life around completely. She proudly announces, “My name is Jamee and I am a recovering heroin and meth addict.” She goes on to say, “These pictures are 2 years apart. The better looking version of me being just a few months ago when I got my GED! Recovery is possible!”

Jamee’s journey to recovery didn’t come without its challenges. Her drug use began at just 13 years old with smoking pot, and by 15, she was taking pills such as Vicodin, Morphine, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, and Percocets. She recalls, “I didn’t know limits. I remember throwing up and doing more and throwing up and doing more.”

Tragically, at 17, Jamee dropped out of high school and was raped by two men in one night. This traumatic experience led her down a path of using heroin and meth as a means to cope. “I was traumatized and depressed from the rapes, and the first thing I did the day I walked out of the door was met up with some guy,” she reveals.

Jamee’s recovery journey was nothing short of incredible. At 19, she was arrested for the first time for attempting to rob someone’s house. This arrest was followed by five more, as well as an attempt to take her own life while in jail. She reflects, “Suicide was my escape plan my whole life… When I was in jail for the first time, I didn’t have drugs to numb myself, and my actions kept catching up to me.”

Despite relapses along the way, Jamee has now been clean for a year. She has also moved in with her boyfriend, whom she met during a year-long inpatient program. Looking towards the future, Jamee aspires to become an aesthetician, cherishing her newfound freedom from addiction.

Well done, Jamee! You’re living proof that people can overcome even the darkest times. No matter how difficult things may appear, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We wish Jamee health, happiness, and prosperity on her new journey.

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