Shelter Dog Finds Forever Home as “Paw-trol Officer”

When a lovable shelter pit bull mix named Bolo entered the lives of the Hopkinsville Police Department, it led to a heartwarming and unexpected outcome. Bolo was given the opportunity to join officers from the department on patrol as part of their “Pawtrol Wednesday” program. Little did they know, this one-day visit would change everything.

Bolo quickly won over the hearts of the officers with his charm and friendly demeanor. As the day came to an end, the officers couldn’t bear to say goodbye to their new furry friend. Instead, they made the decision to adopt Bolo, making him a permanent member of the Hopkinsville Police Department.

“He stole everyone’s hearts,” shared a social media post from the City of Hopkinsville Local Government. Bolo instantly became a cherished member of the HPD family, enjoying playtime, belly rubs, and plenty of naps with his new companions.

In a unique twist, the department decided to officially swear in Bolo as the first “Paw-trol Officer” of the Hopkinsville Police Department. Mayor JR Knight administered the oath during a city council meeting, in which Bolo pledged to support the citizens of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

City officials expressed their excitement for Bolo’s future in serving the community, stating, “We can’t wait to follow this sweet pup’s career on the force.” The Hopkinsville Police Department celebrated the momentous occasion by also swearing in three police dispatchers from their Emergency Communication Center.

Since his official induction, Bolo has embraced his duties with enthusiasm. He has been spotted visiting the Hopkinsville Christian County Imagination Library and Indian Hills Elementary, spreading joy wherever he goes.

Furthermore, Bolo is not only making a difference within the department but also in the lives of other shelter dogs. As part of the Pawtrol Wednesday program, Bolo has begun hosting other adoptable dogs from the Christian County Animal Shelter, including Maizy, a two-year-old female pit mix.

Congratulations to Bolo on finding his forever home and becoming an invaluable addition to the Hopkinsville Police Department. You are sure to make a positive impact on the community you serve.