Ozzy Osbourne’s Health Update: An End to the “Absolute Hell”

Ozzy Osbourne, 74, gives health update after "final" surgery – "I can't do it anymore"

Ozzy Osbourne, the 74-year-old rock legend, has recently undergone his final surgery to repair his broken neck. Describing the last few years as “absolute hell,” Ozzy reveals the challenges he has faced, both physically and emotionally.

The rock icon initially suffered serious neck damage nearly two decades ago in a quad bike accident. However, in 2019, a fall re-aggravated the injury, leaving him in a very difficult place.

During an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Ozzy shared his current status with his fans. He expressed his relief, saying, “I finally had my last procedure two days ago. I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of it. The main thing is over now; I’m done with the surgery.”

Ozzy acknowledged the immense support he received from his family, stating, “It’s been five years of absolute hell for me and my family. I couldn’t have done it without them. I have Parkinson’s, but I never think about it.”

His son, Jack Osbourne, revealed that one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding his father’s health is that it is primarily due to Parkinson’s. However, the truth is that the neck injury and subsequent fall had a greater impact on Ozzy.

“I carried on working with it until I had a fall, and then everything came undone,” Ozzy explained. Despite his struggles, he remains resilient and determined. He said, “I don’t gripe, I get on with it. If you are still moving, you ain’t gonna be dead.”

Ozzy recently declared that the fourth surgery on his neck would be his last. He firmly stated, “I can’t do it anymore. Regardless of the way it ends up after tomorrow, I’m not doing it anymore. I can’t.”

Earlier this year, Ozzy had to cancel his live comeback tour due to ongoing health issues, which eventually led to his retirement from touring. Since his last tour in 2018, he has performed only twice at live events, facing numerous tour cancellations since 2019.

Let’s send our prayers and best wishes for Ozzy Osbourne’s health and happiness going forward. If you found this update interesting, you might want to check out the heartwarming story of how Robin Williams brought laughter into Sharon Osbourne’s life during her cancer battle.