A Miracle Adoption Transforms a Blended Family

Meet Christie and Wesley Werts, a loving husband and wife who embarked on their journey as a blended family five years ago. Bringing Christie’s daughter, Megan, together with Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota, they built a beautiful family. Little did they know that their story would take a unique turn, leading them to a miraculous adoption.

Their extraordinary journey began when they welcomed baby Levi into their lives through adoption. But this adoption story holds a touching twist that will warm your heart. Levi’s biological mother was Wesley’s former partner, who unfortunately faced challenges with drug use during pregnancy. Tragically, she passed away just four days after Levi’s premature birth. She became a victim of addiction and complications linked to the coronavirus.

Wesley received the devastating news about his ex-wife from her sister. However, Christie, who had experienced foster homes herself, felt a deep determination to provide Levi with a stable and loving home. What’s even more astonishing is that Christie had been dreaming about a blue-eyed blond baby for three months before she even knew about Levi. This dream played a significant role in her decision to adopt him.

The Werts family flew from Ohio to Texas to meet Levi through Child Protection Services. And that first meeting was like something out of Christie’s dream. “When I walked in and saw this blond-haired, blue-eyed baby, I immediately fell in love. It was a very surreal feeling. This was my son,” she exclaimed.

But the path to adoption is never easy, especially when it involves infants. The Werts family encountered further obstacles, such as selling their house in Ohio and relocating to Texas for court proceedings. They had to navigate a legal process that included terminating Levi’s biological father’s parental rights. It was a rollercoaster of house inspections, interviews, and court appearances, lasting 16 months. Finally, Levi’s adoption was officially finalized, and the couple were able to bring their baby boy home.

Despite the heartwarming nature of this story, Christie faced criticism from some internet users who questioned her choice to share their journey online. But negativity aside, many others expressed their happiness for the couple and wished them a joyous life together.

This incredible story of love, resilience, and a growing family reminds us that miracles can come in unexpected ways. It teaches us the power of dreams and the importance of providing love and stability to those in need.

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