Shannen Doherty’s Latest Cancer Update

Shannen Doherty shares new, heartbreaking cancer update

Brave and resilient actress, Shannen Doherty, has shared a heartbreaking update on her battle with cancer. In a recent Instagram post, the Beverly Hills 90210 star revealed that a CT scan performed on January 5 showed brain metastases, where the cancer cells have spread to her brain .

Shannen, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and experienced a recurrence in 2017, has been transparent about her ongoing treatment journey. Her most recent update includes a video that highlights the challenging road she is facing. The actress mentioned receiving radiation therapy for the brain metastases and having to wear a custom-made mask during treatment .

Radiation therapy started on January 12, and Shannen expressed her fear and claustrophobia regarding the treatment. Despite these difficult circumstances, she acknowledged the support she has received from her doctors and medical team at Cedar Sinai.

Since her initial breast cancer diagnosis, Shannen has chosen to be open and honest about her experience. Through social media, she has documented her treatment, worries, and victories. By sharing her journey, she hopes to raise awareness and encourage others to prioritize regular check-ups and screenings .

While her most recent update may sound concerning, Shannen remains positive about her future. She has expressed her determination to fight and the belief that she has many years ahead of her.

Our thoughts and positive energy go out to Shannen Doherty as she continues her battle with cancer. May she find strength and resilience in her fight.

Shannen Doherty