Remembering Harrison: Honoring the Memory of a Beloved Son

Last year, Jack and Kristina Wagner experienced a devastating tragedy – the loss of their beloved son, Harrison Wagner, at the age of 27. In the wake of this heartbreaking event, Jack and Kristina are finding solace in remembering their son and preserving his memory in meaningful ways. Let’s take a closer look at what the Wagner family is doing to honor Harrison.

Jack Wagner recently took to Instagram to share a heartfelt photo of Harrison from his childhood. The image captures a young Harrison overseeing a campfire while preparing to roast a sausage link. Accompanying the photo, Jack captioned, “My youngest, so pure, so perfect. I love you Harrison, I miss you Harrison. My heart goes out to parents who have lost a child. There are no words, so we cry and celebrate Harrison Hale Wagner 12/1/94-6/6/22.”

Similarly, Kristina Wagner shared a video of Harrison, a video that brings her comfort during this difficult time. She explained in the caption, “We shot this video on Araby Trail, and here I am posting it on the first anniversary of Harrison’s death. His words are comforting to me. It’s brutally painful to lose my boy, but I still believe in open-mindedness, happiness, love, and I still have hope for wishes to come true. Thank you, Harrison.”

In the video, Harrison is seen shirtless, holding a rock, making a wish, and launching it. He utters poignant words that hint at his own struggles, saying, “I know everybody’s got pain and struggles in life. That’s why we get out of ourselves and whatever our God is. Whatever our belief is outside of ourselves, we wish for an amazing life, open-mindedness, happiness, and love. Let’s make a wish.”

The devastating loss of Harrison was a result of a suspected drug overdose involving fentanyl and alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax. In the wake of this tragedy, the Wagner family released a statement indicating that they believed Harrison had succumbed to addiction. To honor his memory, they established the Harrison Wagner Scholarship Fund, aimed at assisting young men battling substance abuse problems. Through this fund, they hope to provide financial support for those who cannot afford addiction treatment.

The couple’s General Hospital castmates joined them in grief, skipping the 49th annual Daytime Emmy Awards held around the same time as their loss. Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam McCall on the show, understood their pain, having experienced a similar tragedy in 2021. She expressed her support, stating, “It’s a family, and the same grace has been extended to Kristina and Jack. My heart goes out to them because I know exactly what they’re feeling. It’s tragic. And I hope more people are aware of the epidemic that’s been going on for decades.”

The Wagner family’s mission, fueled by their own grief, is to ensure that Harrison’s memory lives on through the scholarship fund, providing opportunities for young men to seek help for their addiction struggles. The funds contribute to New Life House, a recovery community, assisting with rent payments for those going through recovery.

As we reflect on the immense loss suffered by the Wagner family, let us keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Share this piece with others to offer condolences and support to the Wagners during this difficult time. Together, we can honor Harrison’s memory and raise awareness about the ongoing battle against addiction.