The Rollercoaster Relationship Between Elvis Presley and Debra Paget

The rollercoaster relationship between Elvis Presley and his first leading lady – he was 'obsessed' with her

When Debra Paget starred in Elvis Presley’s film debut, Love Me Tender, she captivated audiences with her beauty and talent. But little did she know that she would also capture the heart of the King of Rock and Roll himself. Their relationship was filled with ups and downs, as Elvis became obsessed with Debra. Let’s delve into their story and discover the fascinating details of their rollercoaster romance.

Debra Paget: A Rising Star

Debra Paget was born on August 19, 1933, in Denver, Colorado. Raised in a showbiz family, she had always dreamed of becoming a dancer. Her parents moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the booming film industry, and Debra’s talent soon caught the attention of Hollywood.

At the age of 14, Debra began her motion picture career and quickly made a name for herself with her exotic beauty. She even earned the title of “The most beautiful legs in the world” in a poll conducted by the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers. But it was her role in Cecil B. DeMille’s epic film, The Ten Commandments, that truly launched her into stardom.

Love at First Sight?

Debra Paget first met Elvis Presley months before they starred together in Love Me Tender. Despite hearing mixed opinions about Elvis, Debra was pleasantly surprised when she finally met him. Elvis impressed her with his pleasant, sincere, and obliging nature. They quickly formed a connection, but it was more like a friendship than a whirlwind romance. Debra was shy and emotionally immature for her age, while Elvis became obsessed with her.

A Proposal Denied

Elvis’s infatuation with Debra reached its peak when he asked her to marry him. However, Debra’s parents objected to their union, and she valued their opinions greatly. Although she cared deeply for Elvis, she ultimately turned down his proposal. Instead, she fell in love with Howard Hughes, a famous film producer and billionaire.

Despite not being together romantically, Debra and Elvis maintained a close relationship. Many believe that Debra’s influence even shaped Elvis’s preferences in terms of appearance and style. And while their paths eventually diverged, they both left an indelible mark on each other’s lives.

Life Beyond the Limelight

Debra Paget bid farewell to the entertainment industry in 1964 and chose to live a quiet and private life away from the limelight. Now 89 years old, she has maintained her privacy and there is little information available about her current life. But one thing is certain, she will always be remembered as the leading lady who captured Elvis Presley’s heart.

Elvis’s Other Leading Ladies

Surprisingly, Debra Paget was not the only co-star whom Elvis wanted to marry. After working with Joan Blackman in Blue Hawaii, Elvis also expressed his desire to tie the knot with her. However, he was dating Priscilla at the time, creating a complicated love triangle. Joan, who bore a striking resemblance to Priscilla, turned down Elvis’s proposals, preferring to be recognized for her abilities as an actress rather than for her association with the King.

In the end, Elvis’s relationships with these leading ladies may have been filled with challenges, but they also left an everlasting impact on his life and career.

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