Remembering Jimmy Buffett’s Love for Dogs

One of the late Jimmy Buffett's final songs is all about his love for dogs — listen here

The world of music mourned the loss of an iconic star earlier this year when Jimmy Buffett passed away at the age of 76. Known for timeless hits like “Margaritaville” and his carefree island lifestyle, Buffett was adored by fans for decades. Now, nearly three months after his passing on September 1, one of his final songs and music videos has been released – and it beautifully captures his deep love for dogs!

The song, titled “Like My Dog,” is a heartfelt tribute to Buffett’s affection for dogs. In the lyrics, he expresses his desire for a partner who will shower him with the same unwavering love and loyalty that his pets provide.

“She never tells me that she’s sick of this house. She never says, ‘Why don’t you get off that couch?’ She don’t cost nothin’ when she wants to go out. I want you to love me like my dog,” he sings.

The music video, released on November 25, is a compilation of personal footage showing Buffett playing with his beloved dogs. It also features videos sent in by fans who shared their own heartwarming moments with their furry friends, using the hashtag #likemydog, as requested by Buffett before his passing.

But this song goes beyond just celebrating the bond between humans and their dogs. It was created in collaboration with the ASPCA, with the aim of promoting pet adoption from animal shelters. Buffett’s dedication to animals was a significant part of his life. In addition to his cherished pet dogs, Lola, Gracie, Gigi, and Jojo, he used his platform to advocate for wildlife conservation. He even formed the Save the Manatee Club in 1981 and raised millions of dollars for the protection of these gentle creatures. His tireless efforts also included lobbying Congress to renew the Endangered Species Act in 1987.

“The dedication and humanity Jimmy Buffett put into his music crossed over into his love for animals, especially pets and wildlife,” said ASPCA president and CEO Matt Bershadker in a statement. “This collaboration honors Jimmy’s legacy and animal advocacy and reflects our shared commitment to help vulnerable dogs find safe and loving homes.”

The song “Like My Dog” is a cover of a track originally recorded by Billy Currington. It is part of Buffett’s final album, Equal Strain on All Parts, which he completed before his passing. The album reached #6 on the Billboard 200 and secured the top spot on the US Top Rock Albums chart, showcasing Buffett’s enduring popularity as a musician.

It warms our hearts that Jimmy Buffett chose to highlight his love for dogs in one of his last songs. It serves as a reminder to us all of the joy and companionship that our furry friends bring into our lives. Rest in peace, Jimmy ❤️ Please share this story with someone who loves dogs! 🐾