Michael Jackson’s Son, Bigi ‘Blanket’, Looks Just Like His Dad

Michael Jackson’s Son Bigi 'Blanket' Looks Just Like His Dad

Months after Prince Michael Jackson II was born in 2002, he made his first appearance in Germany, with his father, the late Michael Jackson, on a balcony. The young infant’s head was covered by a white blanket, and from that moment on, he earned the nickname “Blanket.” Now known as Bigi Jackson, the 21-year-old is keeping a low profile and staying away from the spotlight that always surrounded his father.

Recently, a sighting of Bigi has answered the burning question of whether he is the biological son of the king of pop. Born to an unknown surrogate, Bigi is the younger brother of Prince Michael and Paris. While the identity of the surrogate was never confirmed, it is speculated that she is a Mexican nurse named Helena. The egg donor, however, remains unknown. But one thing is certain, according to the Mirror, “Despite rumors about who fathered the boy, we can reveal the ‘Thriller’ singer is his biological dad.”

The Man Formerly Known as Prince Michael II

Bigi gained notoriety as the baby who was protected by a white blanket, hidden from the paparazzi and the public. However, as he has grown older, he prefers to keep his identity out of the spotlight unlike his siblings. Paris, a singer-songwriter, model, and actor, and Prince, an actor, producer, and philanthropist, have embraced public attention. Bigi, on the other hand, is passionate about a healthy global climate and advocates for environmentalism.

Recently, Bigi and Prince were spotted celebrating their late father’s birthday at a show by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. The brothers engaged with fans and posed for photos. Social media was abuzz with fans noting the striking resemblance Bigi shares with his father. Many gushed over his handsome features and how he is becoming more and more like Michael Jackson.

However, despite the similarities, Bigi has no intention of pursuing a career in music or dance like his father. He wants to be a director and enjoys making short films with his cousins and friends. His father always encouraged him to follow his own passions, recognizing that not everyone has to sing and dance.

The legacy of Michael Jackson lives on through his children, and it’s evident that they are carving out their own paths, making their father proud in their own unique ways.

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