While on vacation, these young people snapped some pictures. When she got home, the girl took a closer look at the images.

Rhynnice Trelfa was in great spirits as she and her friends made their way to Manchester. Of course, they took pictures as well, which they later uploaded on their social media accounts.

One of the photos shows the 28-year-old woman as mute when she studied more. On a motionless background, there is a phantom hand next to her partner.

She immediately re-posted the image online in the hopes that someone could shed some light on the incident, which seemed unusual at first.

“She shook me, and I started crying. What I saw truly made my hair stand on end out of fear. I’m positive nobody was watching us. especially given the hand wasn’t present when I took another picture right away,” said Rhynnice.

The history of Dovestones Reservoir is bleak because many people have died there, even on that specific day.