They observed him beginning to excavate sizable ditches in the backyard and placing soil in bags.

At the age of 36 and having recently moved into a new house with his fiancée Sarah, Essex native Alex Dodman got the idea to construct a swimming pool in the backyard of his house.

In 2020, Alex began building the pool and purchased the majority of the supplies from Facebook. He was able to avoid spending thousands of dollars as a result.

The project cost roughly $10,000 in total, which is significantly less than the $12,000 or more required to construct a professional swimming pool.

He claimed, “I did everything myself, from picking up the materials and transporting them into my garden to hiring a digger and digging the hole, along with the tiling and all of the plumbing. This required putting the pieces together and transporting them to his garden.”

He has previously attempted solo projects.

Alex has completed a number of do-it-yourself projects in the past, including building a home theater and a gym while saving a total of 75,000 pounds; but, this most recent undertaking is by far his most impressive yet.

After moving, Alex welcomed his human resources manager partner Sarah, and their two young kids, Allie and Eddie, into his home.

The man has recently been quite busy renovating the home where his family lives, removing everything and beginning from scratch.

Alex always wanted to construct his own swimming pool, so when he saw that his backyard required some work, he decided to start a do-it-yourself (DIY) building hobby.

After that, the man made it a point to educate himself on everything on his own.

The swimming pool’s construction was difficult.

Alex, however, vastly overestimated how challenging it would be to construct a pool. “I watched a YouTube video of someone installing a pool over my lunch break, and later that day I was on the phone arranging the hire of a mini digger,” he claimed.

“Since I had always pictured myself being able to use one when the house had been refurbished, I had even set aside a little area where I planned to one day construct a pool.”

After watching a YouTube video of a woman building a pool in Holland, I was convinced to take on this project by myself.

Covid temporarily put off his plan. But he kept going, and after that he finished it. Alex continued, “I did everything by myself, from filling up my car with all the goods and driving them home to leveling the ground.”