The bystander was shocked by what he saw on the lawn.

Pedro Bras posted the image of the firefighters from Pedróg Grande, Portugal, so that others might see it on Facebook.

Everyone acknowledges how serious and significant a profession being a fireman is. The image shared by firefighter Pedro Bras makes it abundantly obvious how seriously the firefighters approach their work.

The area of Portugal that is facing a forest fire has an urgent need for firefighters. Currently, 1,150 firefighters are working around the clock to extinguish the fire and stop it from spreading.

The fire caused extensive damage to various areas and injured 25 people this year. A total of 114 people died as a result of two devastating fires that hit Portugal in June and October of the previous year.

In spite of being exhausted after their heroic efforts, the firemen in this picture were still working in danger.

After spending many hours putting out a sizable fire in Pedróg Grande, Pedro sent a picture of some of the firefighters wishing to take a break and unwind.

We chose to take a break and unwind by the river for a quarter-hour after working hard all day and night. At that point, we realized that the air was heavily smoked.

After working uninterrupted for 24 hours, the firemen, according to Pedro, took a quick break of 25 minutes to relax beside a river. He claimed that at this point, the firefighters had taken a break. The image vividly depicted the smoke-filled surroundings.

On August 5, the temperature reached a record high of almost 116 degrees Fahrenheit. A number of more firemen agreed to assist in putting out the wildfire in addition to the 13 planes that dropped water on it.

According to AWM, 160 soldiers were dispatched to assist in the evacuation efforts.

Before quickly going viral, the picture received over 9,000 likes, 1,300 comments, and more than 5,900 shares. Many people expressed their surprise at the efforts made by the firefighters.

Every single firefighter in the world, according to Manja Knofel, is a hero in their own right. They earned “rest and recognition,” according to another user from Paris named Sweetie Racch, for the excellent task they had carried out.

The Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa claims that the firefighters have done everything they can. Many of them have suffered deadly wounds.

The incident from the previous year was something the police hoped wouldn’t happen again this year.