Despite the fact that she was acting normally, everyone she passed was making fun of her.

Fitness expert Heidi Powell told the incredible story of Jacqueline, who dropped 170 kg on her own without any help from a trainer. We are all reminded by Jacqueline’s experience that “everything is possible.” This is what Styleoga believes, and it is committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals.

The details of Jacqueline’s story are intricate. “I’m 29 years old, my name is Jacqueline Adan, I’m from California, and I’ve always had weight issues,” she explains.

“From an early age, I struggled with my self-esteem and thought I looked ugly; the more depressed I got about it, the more I ate.”

“I was upset with myself for letting food rule my life and cause me to acquire a lot of weight. Whatever I did, it always felt like I was unable to maintain any sort of “diet” plan and would either gain back the weight I had lost plus some, or I would give up when it got too challenging and resume eating. I always stood out from the crowd because I was either “dieting” or worried about my appearance, and I was tired of it!”

“I had given up attempting to eat like my friends by the time I attended college in 2005. I started eating like everyone else and stopped caring since all I wanted was a “regular” college experience.”

“My partner Kevin and I decided to visit the Disneyland Resort at the end of 2011. Everything is possible there, and wishes are fulfilled. Since I was a young girl, I’ve enjoyed Disneyland Resort, and it’s a place where I always feel like a princess.”

“I believed that seeing the Happiest Place on Earth would help me feel better, but when we got there, I was unable to get past the entrance.”

“I felt ashamed that I had gained so much weight and was unable to move.”

“At Disneyland, I was in a wheelchair, and I was quite self-conscious. The fat girl on wheels who couldn’t even stand attracted everyone’s attention while also drawing criticism from them. It was humiliating.”

“I didn’t want to ride the coasters, and even though I told Kevin and my sister I didn’t want to, I knew I wouldn’t fit, which killed me. I consented to participate in a couple rides that I believed I could fit on, but I overlooked a small detail.”

“As I waited at the turnstile to watch Kevin and my sister enter, I had terrible guilt. I could not believe that I had permitted my size to increase so much. I cried when I entered the bathroom.”

“A few days after I turned 25 I understood I needed to change. One morning, I came to the conclusion that I needed to lose weight. I wanted to make things better.”

“That particular day, I felt ready, motivated, overpowered, and scared as I left the center.”

“I had reached half of my target weight by May 2013. For me, this was a major accomplishment, and I was eager to keep losing weight to reach my target. In August 2013, Kevin, Jenny, and I visited Disneyland once more with my cousins. Although it was a big accomplishment for me, I was worried about how I would look and feel in front of others. Thankfully, it was my family’ first time to Disneyland, so I couldn’t refuse!”

“I needed a wheelchair but was eager to ride the coasters. My cousins took hold of my hand and led the way as we waited in line. I could fit on every ride, and even though it was extremely challenging for me, I didn’t get stuck in any turnstiles. I decided to stop letting my weight prevent me from enjoying life.”

“I had already lost a significant amount of weight and was halfway there. I had lost 200 pounds since the first time we visited Disneyland, and I was engaged to the man who had always stood by my side. No matter how long it took, I was going to get married in the body I had worked so hard to get, next to the man who had supported me through everything.”

“For me, losing weight has been a huge accomplishment, but I’m struggling with the extra skin. It’s uncomfortable, resulting in headaches, rashes, and back and neck pain.”

Jacqueline is a remarkable person with a strong sense of purpose. She has experienced many difficulties throughout her life, but she has always managed to overcome them.

She is living proof that everything is achievable with support and dedication, and her story is genuinely unique. We hope she continues to motivate others and wish her great success.