Mariska Hargitay’s Journey to Motherhood

Mariska Hargitay, 59, widely known for her role in the popular series “Law & Order,” keeps her family life private. However, recently, she was seen in a rare picture hugging her only daughter, Amaya, who just turned 12 years old.

Mariska and her husband, Peter Hermann, have three children – August, Andrew, and Amaya. The couple’s journey to parenthood was not an easy one, but it brought them immeasurable joy.

At the age of 42, Mariska became a mother for the first time. She gave birth to her son August and soon after, the couple decided to expand their family. They turned to adoption and began exploring their options.

The adoption process was not always smooth sailing. Mariska and Peter faced false starts and a lot of complications. The road was long and challenging, but they remained hopeful.

Finally, their patience paid off. They heard about a young pregnant woman who was looking for a loving family for her baby girl. Mariska was filled with excitement and optimism when she met the expectant mother. She described her as bright, incredible, and intelligent.

After a successful meeting, the expectant mother went into labor and called Mariska on the set of “Law & Order SVU” to come to the hospital immediately. The couple had the opportunity to bond with the newborn baby girl for two days, even naming her. But their joy was short-lived when the birth mother changed her mind.

Devastated but not discouraged, Mariska and Peter’s luck turned around. Their lawyer and social worker located another expectant mother who was willing to give her baby up for adoption. The couple couldn’t help but worry about another heartbreak, but the biological mom assured them that she had no doubt Mariska would become her child’s mother.

In April 2011, baby Amaya, whose name means princess, warrior, and night rain, officially became a part of the Hargitay-Hermann family. Mariska and her son August were over the moon with excitement. August even claimed that Amaya was his baby because he thought of the idea of expanding their family.

The couple’s family grew once again when they received an unexpected surprise. During a check-up call from their lawyer, Mariska and Peter were informed about another baby – this time, a boy – whom they stood a good chance of adopting. Without hesitation, they expressed their interest, and baby Andrew joined their loving and diverse family.

Mariska and Peter feel incredibly blessed to have their beautiful multiracial family. They believe in reflecting the realistic diversity of the world in their own home.

Despite the challenges they faced while trying to adopt, Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann’s endurance and determination prevailed. Their journey to parenthood reminded them that with patience, love, and a little bit of luck, dreams do come true.