Husband Contemplates Divorce After Wife’s Infidelity

Wife cheats to ‘see if she still had it,’ husband says ‘wrinkles making her sad’ blew up their lives

A man in his late thirties is grappling with his cheating wife’s infidelity and is seeking advice on whether he should divorce her. The incident occurred when his wife went on a weekend trip with her sister and some friends, where she met a much younger man and engaged in multiple sexual encounters. The wife confessed to her actions, explaining that she wanted to “see if she still had it” and that the attention from the other man fed her ego. The husband, however, is unforgiving, stating that she has “blown up our entire lives over wrinkles making her sad.”

The husband shared his heartbreaking story on Reddit, seeking guidance from the online community. He revealed that he has been married to his wife for ten years and they have a young daughter together. Prior to the incident, he had never distrusted his wife and had no reason to be concerned about her fidelity.

After the first night of the trip, his wife called him in the morning, sobbing and incoherent. It was then that she confessed to sleeping with another man. According to her account, she initially flirted and danced with the man, but things escalated quickly into kissing, making out, and ultimately, having sex. This pattern repeated itself multiple times throughout the trip.

The wife attributed her actions to her self-consciousness about aging. In her thirties, she had become increasingly aware of her wrinkles and felt insecure about her appearance. Talking to the younger man made her feel young again, and she became caught up in the attention and validation he offered.

Not only did the wife betray her husband and deceive the other man about her marital status, but she also lied to her sister, who was sharing a room with her. This allowed the wife to bring the stranger back to their bed without her sister’s knowledge.

The husband is torn between forgiving his wife and seeking a divorce. While his mother advises him to forgive her, he is still hurt and unable to trust her after she disregarded their marriage for the sake of her own insecurities. He feels that she has caused irreversible damage to their relationship and the life they had built together.

Seeking support from the Reddit community, the husband questions whether he is wrong for not considering forgiveness. Many commenters empathize with his pain and advise him to cut his losses and move on. They argue that if his wife could betray their marriage and family so easily, it raises doubts about her future actions.

The husband is still unsure of what he will ultimately decide. For now, his main concern is protecting their daughter from the turmoil caused by her mother’s actions. He believes that divorcing his wife is the best course of action to ensure a healthy environment for their child.

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