A Mother’s Addiction to Tattoos: Overcoming Society’s Judgment

Mom with over 800 tattoos called a freak – reveals truth about all her tattoos

At the age of 46, Melissa Sloan is a woman who proudly wears her passion on her skin. With over 800 tattoos, she has become the subject of taunting and teasing, labeled by some as a “freak.” However, despite the negativity and societal rejection, she remains a role model for her two adoring children.

Sloan’s journey with tattoos started when she was just 20 years old. She describes her love for tattoos as addictive, comparing it to the cravings for cigarettes or alcohol. Despite facing rejection from tattoo parlors, she is determined to satisfy her addiction by carrying her own tattoo gun wherever she goes. Sloan’s body and face are now covered in ink, which may be considered sloppy by some, but she continues to have her boyfriend give her three “prison-style” tattoos each week.

The consequences of Sloan’s addiction go beyond her inked appearance. She struggles to find employment due to her tattoos, and even roles as simple as a toilet cleaner are denied to her. Society treats her as an outcast, with people pointing, staring, and verbally attacking her every time she steps out of her home. She has been barred from local bars and even banned from attending her children’s school events.

Woman with tattoos

Despite these challenges, Sloan remains resilient, embracing her unique identity and encouraging her children to do the same. Her two young children, aged eight and 10, already have a fondness for body art and receive temporary tattoos from their mother. Their mother’s hope is to serve as an inspiration for her children, reminding them that embracing one’s true self is important. While some may predict that her children will reject her when they grow older, Sloan remains confident in their bond.

Before getting her tattoos, Sloan was an average-looking woman. She looks barely recognizable now, if you compare her to pre-tattoo images she shared on her Instagram account. There is no doubt that her inked appearance has transformed her externally, but it is her inner strength and resilience that truly stand out.

However, it is important to note that while self-expression through tattoos can be beautiful, it is crucial to strike a balance. Employers may hesitate to hire individuals with visible and extensive tattoos, fearing it may not align with their brand image. As much as we shouldn’t judge others, it is understandable why Sloan faces difficulties in finding employment.

In the end, Sloan’s story serves as a reminder that empathy and acceptance are pivotal. Let us hope that her children learn from their mother’s journey, finding the balance between self-expression and societal expectations. What are your thoughts on this story? Join the conversation and share your perspective.