High School Boy Makes Dream Prom Dress for His Date

High School Boy Taught Himself to Sew Because His Prom Date Couldn't Afford Her Dream Dress

As teenagers, one of the highlights of life is dressing up in the perfect dress for the high school prom. It’s an important milestone for every young girl and boy, but not everyone can afford the dress of their dreams.

In February 2019, Addi Rust, a high school senior from Indianapolis, couldn’t afford the dress she found and jokingly suggested to her prom date and best friend, Parker Smith, that he should make it. To her surprise, Parker took up the challenge and taught himself to sew over the course of a few months.

Parker started by sketching the design for the dress himself and then learned sewing techniques from his grandmother. His perfectionism drove him to work on the dress until the last night, making sure every detail was just right. He even added extra stones to the dress the night before prom.

Thanks to Parker’s efforts, Addi looked like a princess and their story went viral. This unexpected media coverage opened up a world of opportunities for Parker, who aspires to become a Broadway costume designer. He has since been recruited by Footlite Musicals in Indianapolis and had the opportunity to make costumes for their Cinderella show.

Parker’s journey as a self-taught seamstress began when a teacher recommended him to the director of the show. Impressed by Parker’s talent and dedication, he was hired to create costumes for the production. One of his impressive creations was a peasant dress that transformed into the character’s ball gown.

Throughout the entire experience, Addi stood by Parker’s side, supporting him. She gave him the initial opportunity to turn his potential into reality, and her presence made it even more meaningful.

Parker’s story is a testament to the power of determination and the willingness to step outside of one’s comfort zone. By teaching himself to sew, he not only made his prom date’s dream dress come true but also paved the way for his own dreams in costume design.