Everything you need to know about tonsil stones


Disgusting medical procedures have taken the internet by storm, with millions of people watching videos of pimple popping, cyst draining, and even earwax removal. But have you ever heard of tonsil stones? These little growths that resemble pimples can be found in your throat, and their removal can be oddly satisfying to watch.

If you’re not familiar with tonsil stones, here’s a simple explanation: The Mayo Clinic states that the tonsils play a crucial role in your immune system. They produce white blood cells and antibodies to help fight infections. However, they also have small cavities called tonsillar crypts. In some people, these crypts are deep enough to trap food particles or mucus, leading to the formation of tonsil stones.

The video of a tonsil stone being popped is both captivating and straight to the point. It’s no wonder it has garnered over 15 million views.