Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Faces Serious Vocal Cord Damage

Grim X-ray on Steven Tyler confirms the truth – and his condition is worse than first feared

It seems like bad news keeps piling up for Aerosmith’s frontman, Steven Tyler. Just yesterday, we reported that the band had to cancel a month’s worth of tour dates due to vocal cord damage. However, fresh reports now reveal that Tyler’s condition is even worse than initially thought. TMZ goes as far as to claim that the rock legend can barely speak at the moment.

Let’s make one thing clear before we continue – Tyler’s recovery is assured, but it’s uncertain how long it will take. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the 75-year-old is facing significant challenges with his famous singing voice.

Earlier this week, Aerosmith provided an update through their Instagram page, announcing that shows in Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Raleigh, and Washington D.C. have all been postponed until early 2024. A statement from Tyler himself sheds more light on the situation, explaining that doctors have instructed him not to sing for the next 30 days due to substantial vocal cord damage.

According to TMZ, Tyler blew out his vocal cords during a concert in Long Island last weekend, to the point where they bled. He then traveled to Boston to see his ENT doctor, who confirmed through X-rays that his cords were severely damaged.

Adding to the dramatic nature of the situation, it’s believed that Tyler injured his voice early on during the Long Island gig. However, he powered through the performance, and the audience had no idea about his impairment. Now, Tyler is unable to speak and only produces squeaking sounds when he tries to talk.

Despite these setbacks, Tyler is determined to come back as quickly as possible, with no plans of avoiding risky high notes when he returns. The Aerosmith “Peace Out: The Farewell Tour,” originally planned between September 2 and January 26, will now finish at a later date. The latest reports suggest that the band will resume touring on Monday, October 11.

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