Customer Vows To Never Eat McDonald’s Again After What He Saw In The Parking Lot

McDonald’s, known for its fast service but not necessarily for its cleanliness, has lost a customer forever. This unfortunate incident occurred in Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, where a customer stumbled upon a shocking sight in a McDonald’s parking lot: a swarm of rats feasting on the trash dumped inside a bin.

The customer expressed their disgust on Facebook, along with photos of the incident and a stern warning: “Feel free to share before someone gets seriously unwell!!! Rat for tea, anyone?! Well, to be precise, seven rats!! Talk about vermin control?! After seeing this, I will NOT be using McDonald’s on Holderness Road. A member of staff went and changed the bin bag without any PPE on and returned to the restaurant.”

Witnessing the staff at the McDonald’s restaurant emptying the bin without any protective gear shortly after the rats had scavenged through it was the final straw for this customer. They vowed to never eat at another McDonald’s again.

In an interview with HullLive, the unnamed customer expressed their frustration: “I am aware that where there are fast-food places and food waste, there will be vermin, but this is something else. This isn’t good vermin control when you can witness this in broad daylight.”

Unfortunately, this rat infestation is not an isolated incident for McDonald’s in the United Kingdom. In January, another customer captured a video of a rat scurrying across a dining table at a McDonald’s in Tilbury, Essex.

In response to these events, a McDonald’s spokesperson stated, “We take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. Pest control experts recently conducted a routine inspection of the site and confirmed no evidence of pest-related activity in the restaurant. We are actively working with the landlords to manage any potential challenges arising from the nearby railway area. The restaurant itself remains unaffected.”

The Daily Mail covered this incident, and readers took to the comments section to share their thoughts. Here are a few perspectives:

“Just because we don’t normally see them doesn’t mean they’re not everywhere.”

“So what? Rats have to survive, just like the rest of us. It’s a shame they have to resort to eating junk food, but they do what they can. I’d rather be around seven rats than a few modern humans anyway.”

“If you visit any food outlet at night when it’s dark and shine a powerful torch around the bin area, you’ll be greeted by many bright, shiny eyes. So don’t panic; rats aren’t only found in parliament and the NHS unions.”

“Poor things! Have things gotten so bad that rats have no choice but to eat this?”

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of hygiene and vermin control in restaurants and food establishments. It’s crucial for establishments to prioritize cleanliness to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers.