1. The Unused Toilet – A Nasty Surprise

Shocking and Disgusting Discoveries by Hotel Workers

Welcome to the world of hotel workers, where every day is filled with surprises and strange encounters. These unsung heroes have stumbled upon some of the most shocking and downright disgusting things at their workplaces. Today, we’ll take a look at these unbelievable stories shared by hotel workers on Reddit. Get ready to be amazed!

Cleaning a guest’s room can be an interesting task, but one hotel worker had a shockingly unpleasant experience. After the guests checked out, there were rolled-up towels on the floor. Not too unusual, right? Well, things took a messy turn when the worker discovered a pile of feces underneath the towels. But wait, there’s more! Behind the shower curtain, hidden away from sight, were at least ten more piles of feces mixed with urine. Can you imagine the horror? What a crappy situation indeed!

A white toilet | Source: Pexels

Sometimes, hotel workers come across the most baffling mysteries. Picture this – a hotel worker enters a guest’s room and finds an entire pizza. Strange, right? But it gets weirder. Slices of pizza were not only on the table but also smeared all over the TV, the dresser, the nightstand, the sheets, and even the bathroom sink. Oh, and the final piece of the puzzle? It was found inside a lampshade. That’s definitely a strange craving for pizza!

A woman holding a slice of pizza | Source: Pexels
A frustrated woman | Source: Pexels

Hotel workers often have to deal with unexpected visitors, and sometimes they’re not the human kind. In one memorable story, a couple complained about strange noises and finding their belongings nibbled on. But when the couple dropped a live mouse on the front desk demanding a refund, things got interesting. The owners inspected the couple’s room, only to find no evidence of a mouse infestation. The couple left empty-handed, realizing their bluff had been called. The hotel owners stood their ground, and the furry intruder was shown the door.

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Guests with excessive luggage can be a common sight, but sometimes there’s more to it than meets the eye. In one hotel, a couple checked in with an absurd number of suitcases. Little did the hotel workers know, they had a different agenda. They were planning to steal everything, even the windows! Imagine the shock and disbelief the workers experienced when they discovered the theft. Unfortunately, this incident cost the hotel workers their jobs. Talk about an unfortunate twist!

Suitcases on a bed | Source: Pexels

Even in upscale hotels, the unexpected can happen. One guest had an urgent need to use the bathroom but couldn’t find it themselves. They approached the bellstand for directions, and that’s when things took a messy turn. As the guest walked downstairs, they left a trail of feces behind them, leaving a not-so-pleasant surprise for everyone to discover. It turned out the guest was unknowingly suffering from a medical condition. Despite their threat to write a bad review, the guest ended up on the hotel’s blacklist.

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Working at a boutique hotel always brings unexpected encounters. One morning, a distressed woman approached the front desk. She couldn’t find her sleepwalking husband and was worried he had wandered into someone else’s room. The hotel staff, amused by the situation, decided to investigate. They checked the CCTV footage and found the husband sound asleep in another guest’s room. Relieved, the wife woke him up, and the couple left, leaving behind a great story for the hotel staff to share.

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Hotel workers are no strangers to wild parties, but this bachelor party took a bizarre turn. A group of guys checked into a hotel room for a pre-wedding celebration, but there was one peculiar detail – complete silence. Hours later, the groom’s fiancée arrived, searching for her soon-to-be husband. The hotel staff accompanied her to the room, only to find the groom and his friends fully clothed in the bathtub, engaging in a toy boat “naval battle.” This unexpected sight led to the cancellation of the wedding. Who would have thought a bachelor party would end like this?

A man lying on the floor | Source: Pexels
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These astonishing stories shared by hotel workers on Reddit give us a glimpse into the unseen world behind the scenes of the hospitality industry. From bizarre findings to unexpected situations, hotel workers navigate through it all, ensuring guests have a comfortable and unforgettable stay. So, next time you’re at a hotel, remember, there might be more going on than meets the eye!