Costco announces major change coming to their popular food court

Changes Coming to the Costco Food Court

If you’re a fan of the Costco food court but don’t have a membership, we have some unfortunate news for you. Starting April 8, 2024, Costco will be monitoring who uses their food court. This means that you will need an active Costco membership card to purchase items from the food court.

While this policy is not new, it hasn’t been strictly enforced until now. However, a sign recently spotted at a Costco in Orlando, Florida, and shared on Reddit has confirmed that Costco will start enforcing the membership requirement for the food court.

The crackdown on non-members purchasing food court items comes after Costco began strictly enforcing its membership policy. In June 2023, the retailer announced that only Costco members are allowed to make purchases at their stores. This was an effort to prevent non-members from using membership cards that do not belong to them and receiving the same benefits and pricing as members.

It is currently unclear whether people with Shop Cards, Costco gift cards, will still be able to make purchases from the food court.

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