Burger King Employee Goes Above and Beyond to Help Diabetic Customer

Woman’s Facebook post goes viral after Burger King employee does this at the drive-thru

When you have diabetes, it’s crucial to pay attention to your body’s signals. That’s exactly what Rebecca Boening did when she sensed her blood sugar levels dropping while driving. She quickly took the nearest exit and what happened next is a heartwarming display of compassion.

Rebecca, who lives with diabetes, understands the importance of consuming something when blood sugar starts to drop. So, when she felt her blood sugar getting low during her car journey, she promptly made her way to the nearest Burger King.

“As I stumbled through placing my order,” Rebecca wrote on Facebook, “I mentioned to the voice on the speaker that I was diabetic and in need of food. Low blood sugar makes it difficult to think or act.”

To her surprise, as Rebecca pulled up to the payment window, she saw Burger King employee Tina Hardy running towards her car. Tina squeezed between the front of Rebecca’s car and the building, holding an ice cream in her hand.

“At first, I didn’t know who she was or what she was doing,” Rebecca shared, describing her initial confusion. But it quickly became clear that Tina, whose husband also has diabetes, understood the urgency of the situation. She had brought the ice cream to help stabilize Rebecca’s blood sugar levels.

Grateful for Tina’s thoughtfulness, Rebecca enjoyed her ice cream and meal peacefully. But Tina’s kindness didn’t stop there. After Rebecca paid for her food, Tina instructed her to park across the driveway so that she could keep an eye on her until she felt better.

Moved by the experience, Rebecca took a picture with Tina and spoke to her supervisor, commending her for going above and beyond. “If you appreciate what this special woman did, please share this story,” Rebecca urged.

And share it they did. After posting it on social media, Rebecca’s heartwarming story about Tina quickly went viral. Thousands of people reacted to the post and shared it with others, applauding Tina for her exceptional act of kindness.

Tina’s selflessness is a reminder that small gestures can have a big impact. Her willingness to go the extra mile for a stranger in need is truly inspiring. As Rebecca put it, “Good job, Tina. If I owned a business, you are the kind of employee I would want on my staff. You were an angel in disguise to your fellow man. Be blessed!