John Cena’s Bold Oscar Skit Wows the Audience

At this year’s Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles, the WWE star John Cena surprised and delighted the audience with a hilarious skit. Collaborating with host Jimmy Kimmel, Cena’s daring move stole the show.

As Cena prepared to present the award for Best Costume Design, Kimmel playfully questioned the audience, pondering what would happen if a naked man ran across the stage. Referencing a streaker incident at the 1974 Academy Awards, Kimmel set the stage for Cena’s unexpected contribution.

However, Cena peeked through the curtain and exclaimed that he had changed his mind about doing the streaker bit. He stated, “I simply don’t feel right about it. You should be ashamed for suggesting such a nasty joke at such an attractive event.” Asserting that the male body is not a joke, Cena walked onto the platform, seemingly shielded by only the envelope carrying the winning nomination.

It was later revealed on social media that Cena was actually wearing skin-painted underwear beneath the envelope. Fans praised the impressive makeup work, but some voiced disappointment at Cena’s modesty. “He probably wanted to go all out!” exclaimed one commenter.

Cena’s ‘naked’ presence at the Dolby Theater, where the 96th Academy Awards took place, created quite a sensation. People online had a lot to say about it as well. Although Cena himself was not nominated for an Oscar this year, he did have a small role in the popular film Barbie.

In a recent interview on the Howard Stern Show, Cena shared that initially, he was discouraged from accepting the role in Barbie. His agency believed it wasn’t the right fit for him, but Cena had a different perspective. He asserted, “I believe that every opportunity is an opportunity. I’m a human being, and I’m not just a commodity.”

Cena’s bold Oscar skit showcased his willingness to take risks and have fun. Whether he’s entertaining in the wrestling ring or on the big screen, Cena knows how to captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression.

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