Hailey Bieber Addresses Concerns After Her Dad Asked for Prayers

Hailey Bieber Speaks Out After Her Dad Asked The Public For Prayers: 'Sorry To Spoil It'

Hailey Bieber has taken to social media to address the rumors that have been circulating after her father requested prayers for her and Justin Bieber. In an Instagram story, she clarified that the stories and blind items being shared on TikTok are completely false and made up. She urged her followers not to believe everything they see and assured them that the rumors are always untrue.

Recently, Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, shared an Instagram reel created by Victor Marx, the founder of All Things Possible Ministry. The reel featured a video of Justin singing and a note asking for prayers for the couple. Marx explained that people in the limelight face unique challenges and spiritual warfare, and he encouraged others to pray for their wisdom, protection, and spiritual growth.

Concerned fans expressed their worries in the comments, asking if Justin and Hailey are okay. Hailey has been active on social media, promoting her beauty business, Rhode, while Justin has chosen to step away from the public eye in recent years. They have both been open about their health issues, with Justin battling Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused partial face paralysis, and Hailey experiencing stroke-like symptoms and discovering a blood clot in her brain.

Neither Hailey nor Justin have directly commented on the Instagram reel, but we hope that they are doing well. Both of them have faced their share of challenges, and we send our prayers and support to the young couple.

Hailey Bieber Speaks Out After Her Dad Asked the Public for Prayers: 'Sorry to Spoil It'