Award-winning Actress Helen Mirren on Embracing Aging and Rejecting Beauty Standards

Award-winning actress Helen Mirren, 76-years-old, details why she hates the term ‘anti-aging’

To me, Helen Mirren is the very definition of grace. The iconic British actress, known for her roles in films like “Caligula” and “The Queen,” turned 76 this past summer. In a recent interview, she opened up about her frustration with constantly being scrutinized for her age and appearance.

Throughout her career, Mirren has portrayed a wide range of characters, both dramatic and comedic. But she’s not only famous for her on-screen talent – she’s also been a vocal advocate against the double standards women face in the entertainment industry. And she believes that terms like “anti-aging” and “beauty” only perpetuate these prejudices.

In a 2019 interview with Grazi, Mirren questioned the effectiveness of “anti-aging” products, comparing it to being “anti-sun.” Aging is a natural process that everyone experiences, yet society seems obsessed with looking as young as possible. Mirren believes that the natural act of aging should not be a cause for exclusion or shame. She finds it extremely annoying that beauty products are often marketed on the faces of 15-year-olds, excluding women of her generation and others who don’t fit the traditional beauty standards.

Mirren goes even further and explains why she dislikes the word “beauty” itself. She believes that by solely focusing on physical beauty, people who don’t feel conventionally beautiful are excluded from feeling fabulous about themselves. She suggests replacing words like “beauty” with “being,” a term that can apply to people of all ages and appearances.

As an ambassador for L’Oréal, Mirren commends the brand for not using the term “anti-aging.” While she believes in taking care of oneself, she cautions against vanity becoming a harmful vice. Mirren encourages practices like washing and styling hair and using makeup, explaining that it is not vain, but rather an act of self-care.

Mirren also acknowledges the rising consciousness among young people, particularly through their engagement on social media. This, she believes, will make the current young generation one of the most important in history, given their awareness of movements like #MeToo and feminism.

In a society obsessed with narrow beauty standards, Mirren continuously defies those stereotypes with her presence. She has fought against sexist remarks and assumptions throughout her career, including a disagreement with Sir Michael Parkinson, who made inappropriate comments about her in a previous interview.

At her age, Mirren has experienced treatment related to her gender, physicality, and age. However, she remains a shining example of how a woman can be powerful and badass, regardless of her age.

We applaud Dame Helen Mirren for her brave words and her fight for women of all ages. Her natural approach to aging is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often pressures actresses into undergoing cosmetic surgery. She is a beautiful, classy lady and always a joy to listen to.

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