A Loving Home for Andrew: The Heartwarming Story of a Foster Family

Foster family opens up their home to a 12-year-old that nobody wants – soon, they realize who he really is

Growing up in a safe and loving home is not something that every child experiences. For those who don’t, there is only one wish: to feel loved somewhere. Kevin and Dominique Gill understood this perspective and opened their hearts and home to foster children. Little did they know that one 12-year-old boy, whom no one else wanted, would change their lives forever.

I have always taken it for granted that every child has the blessing of a mom and dad who adore them. But the truth is, there are millions of children worldwide who long for the warmth of a loving home. Andrew, a 12-year-old boy from Nashville, Tennessee, knows this reality all too well.

In 2018, Dominique and Kevin Gill made a life-changing decision to become foster parents to Andrew when he was just 10 years old. Andrew had been through a difficult life, having no contact with his biological parents and constantly moving between temporary homes arranged by social services. He had spent half of his young life in foster care.

Due to his unstable upbringing, Andrew became introverted and emotionally distant. Social services described him as “troublesome” and many families were hesitant to take him in. But Dominique and Kevin firmly believed in the power of love and security to shape children into good people.

They opened their doors to Andrew, bringing him into their home in Nashville, Tennessee, as a temporary foster child. However, finding a permanent family for Andrew proved to be a challenge. Nobody wanted to adopt him, leaving foster care as the only option once again.

During the initial period, Andrew withdrew and avoided social contact. He preferred to stay in his room, playing computer games and often became angry and restless. The couple shared how Andrew wouldn’t even talk during his first week with them, spending his time looking at old photos alone.

Weeks turned into months, and even though Andrew didn’t initially bond with anyone in the Gill family, Kevin, Dominique, and their biological children never gave up on him. They responded to his anger with unwavering love. Gradually, Andrew began to realize that he was truly loved and accepted as part of this caring family.

The Gill’s biological son, who initially felt no connection, also grew closer to Andrew. The boys discovered they had a lot in common and soon became best friends. They enjoyed playing video games together and sharing meals. Andrew became an integral part of the Gill family, and the couple’s love for him grew stronger with each passing day.

When social services deemed Andrew ready to move in with an adoptive family, the Gills’ mindset was to support him until he found his permanent home. However, fate had other plans. The first adoption fell through, and Dominique realized that Andrew was in their lives for a reason. God had intervened to ensure that Andrew came back to them.

With great enthusiasm and joy, the Gills asked Andrew if he wanted to become part of their family officially. Without hesitation, Andrew responded with a resounding ‘yes.’ And that’s how a once-unwanted boy found his forever home with the Gills.

The heartfelt story of Kevin, Dominique, and Andrew brings tears of joy to our eyes. We are incredibly grateful for families like the Gills who have given Andrew the love and stability he deserves. Andrew’s happiness is a testament to the power of unconditional love and acceptance.

Let’s celebrate the Gills and wish Andrew the best as he embarks on his journey with his newfound family. Share this heartwarming story and say thank you to the Gills for making a difference in Andrew’s life.