A Heart-Shaped Tribute: The Love Story Behind the Meadow

Janet och Winston Howes

Janet and Winston Howes had a love that most people can only dream of. From the moment they met, their love grew stronger with each passing day. They got married in 1962 and moved into a charming farmhouse in the English countryside. Life was perfect!

Not long after moving into their dream home in Wickwar, Gloucestershire, Janet gave birth to their son. The farm thrived, their relationship blossomed, and their son grew up healthy and strong. But then, in a single moment, everything changed.

Sadly, after over 30 years of marriage, Janet suddenly passed away from heart failure at only 50 years old. Winston was devastated, and their son struggled to cope without his mother. They tried their best to heal, but Janet’s absence was too difficult to bear.

A Beautiful Gesture

Months after losing Janet, Winston came up with an idea. While he could never bring back his beloved wife, he wanted to honor her memory with a heartwarming tribute. He decided to create a special place where he and his son could go on those tough days.

Winston began working on a meadow near their house—a meadow that Janet adored. His goal was to construct a place that would serve as a lasting tribute to her. Little did he know that his incredible gesture would remain a secret for years.

A Surprising Discovery

One beautiful afternoon, hot air balloonist Andy Collett flew over the area near Winston’s home. As he looked down, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Below him was a massive heart-shaped forest, hidden from plain view. It was Winston’s tribute to Janet.

Aerial view of the heart-shaped forest

Andy, amazed by the sight, later described it as the most incredible thing he had ever seen from the sky. He knew there had to be a love story behind it. Although he had never met Winston and knew nothing about the heart-shaped forest, Andy sensed the deep emotion and love behind it.

A Heart-Filled Forest

Winston planted thousands of trees meticulously to create this heart-shaped forest. He surrounded the heart with large oak trees and built a hedge around it, too. The heart points toward the village of Wotton Hill, Janet’s hometown.

Each year, Winston also plants daffodils in the center of the heart, which bloom in the spring. It’s a symbol of renewal and a beautiful tribute to his late wife.

The heart-shaped seat in the field

“I sometimes go down there, just to sit and think about things. It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years,” Winston shared emotionally.

Winston’s tribute to Janet serves as a place for him and his son to remember her, a place where their love continues to grow. Though nothing can bring Janet back, we know she would have adored this meadow. Please share this heartwarming tribute if it touched your heart too!