Hearts Break For The Roloff Family, Things Aren’t Going Well For Them

A new season of the popular show Little People, Big World is here, and it’s causing a stir among fans. In a recently released trailer, Amy Roloff gives viewers a glimpse into the complex dynamics between her and her ex-husband Matt, as well as their new partners. The trailer also reveals that Zach and Tori Roloff, parents of three, are facing their own set of challenges. It seems that the once tight-knit Roloff family is no longer as united as they used to be.

When asked about his father’s engagement to Caryn, Zach chose not to discuss the matter. Matt added that Zach, Tori, and their children rarely visit the family farm anymore. It’s a disappointing reality for everyone involved, and it’s clear that there is tension and hurt feelings within the family.

In the midst of the trailer, Caryn expresses her feelings of being cut off from the family, while Amy wonders if there is a way to heal the broken bonds. Zach chimes in, mentioning that the family wasn’t prioritized on multiple occasions and that he believes that ship has sailed.

In the midst of these developments, it’s important to remember that nearly a year ago, Matt announced some exciting news. He and his longtime partner, Caryn Chandler, are engaged to be married! The couple has been together for six years and is looking forward to a simple but elegant wedding in 2024.

Matt and Caryn began dating after his divorce from Amy in 2017. Amy has also found love again and remarried in 2021 to her now husband, Chris. While their divorce had a rocky start, Amy, Matt, and their new partners have managed to maintain a friendly relationship. In fact, they even enjoyed a double date together at the family farm last fall to kick off pumpkin season.

Since then, Matt and Caryn have moved part-time to Arizona and are in the process of building a second home there. Matt has been sharing updates of the building process on Instagram, and it’s clear that he is enjoying this new adventure in his life.

While Matt’s children have yet to publicly congratulate him and Caryn on their engagement, we hope that they can find a way to mend their relationships and celebrate this momentous occasion together.

The Roloff family has captured the hearts of fans for years, and it’s sad to see them going through such a difficult time. As they navigate these challenges, let’s send them love and support, hoping that they can find a way to heal and come together once again.