A Remarkable Journey: 59-Year-Old Mom Welcomes Twins

Lauren Cohen, a 59-year-old mother from Paramus, New Jersey, made headlines when she gave birth to twins in 2006, becoming the oldest woman in the United States to do so. The arrival of her two beautiful babies should have been a joyful occasion, but it turned out to be a challenging time due to the reaction of her eldest daughter.

Lauren’s path to motherhood had its fair share of twists and turns. After going through a divorce, she met Frank Garcia, a man 20 years younger than her, at a dancing class in New Jersey in 2002. Despite the age difference, the couple fell in love and dreamed of building a future together.

Reflecting on their meeting, Lauren shared, “I never thought he could be interested in a woman so much older. He was a great dancer, so I asked him to dance one night and he said yes.” The couple got married in July 2002. Soon after, they realized Frank’s strong desire to have a family, and Lauren was eager to make his dream come true.

Their journey took them to different fertility clinics, as many doctors initially turned them away due to Lauren’s age. However, their determination led them to a clinic in Virginia that agreed to work with them. Unfortunately, after four failed rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF), their dream still seemed out of reach. But finally, a doctor in New Jersey offered them a glimmer of hope, and they became pregnant.

In December 2004, Lauren and Frank welcomed their first daughter, Raquel, through IVF. Just a year later, they received the incredible news that they were expecting twins!

On May 22, 2006, shortly before her 60th birthday, Lauren gave birth to twins Gregory and Giselle, making her the oldest mother in the United States to successfully bear twins. It was an extraordinary accomplishment, one that matched the world record set by an unidentified British woman on Christmas Day in 1993.

Despite the challenges that come with being an older mother, Lauren remained dedicated to her children’s wellbeing. Her top priority was staying healthy so that she could witness their journey through college. Alongside practicing pilates and yoga, she diligently took nearly 100 supplements every week to maintain her fitness. “I’ll do whatever it takes to live as long as I can,” she declared. “I’ve set a target of seeing them through college. I’ve got to keep going for 17 years—until I’m 81.”

Lauren’s road to motherhood wasn’t without its difficulties. People often mistook her for her children’s grandmother, and her oldest daughter, Renee, even distanced herself from Lauren. However, despite these challenges, Lauren and Frank remain grateful for the three beautiful children they have together.

Let us wish this resilient family many more years of health and happiness as they continue to create beautiful memories together.