A Father’s Sacrifice: The Inspiring Story of Idris

Parents are willing to go to any length to ensure a better future for their children. They make sacrifices, face hardships, and work tirelessly to fulfill their dreams. Such is the incredible story of Idris, a devoted father who went above and beyond for his three beloved daughters.

Idris worked as a cleaner, but he kept this fact a secret from his daughters. He was ashamed of his job and didn’t want his daughters to face any stigma. He wanted them to have a life where they would never be looked down upon.

The inspiring tale of Idris, shared by multimedia journalist GMB Akash on Facebook, has touched the hearts of thousands of people online. Idris concealed his job from his daughters by telling them he was a laborer. To make them believe this, he would even bathe in a public toilet before coming home in the evening. Every day, he saved every penny he could towards his daughters’ education.

“I wanted them to stand with dignity in front of people. I never wanted anyone to look down at them like everyone looked down at me,” Idris said.

Despite facing numerous hardships, Idris managed to keep his secret hidden. However, there came a day when he had no choice but to reveal the truth. He failed to arrange money for his daughter’s college admission, and in a moment of desperation, his co-workers came forward and handed him their one-day income. They insisted that their daughter had to go to college, even if it meant they would go hungry that day.

“That day I didn’t take a shower. That day I went home like a cleaner,” Idris recalls.

Idris’s persistence and hard work paid off. His daughter will soon graduate from the university, and all three sisters have taken up part-time jobs to support their father and ensure he no longer has to work.

In a heartwarming gesture, Idris’s elder daughter now accompanies him to work and provides food to his co-workers. It is a small but meaningful way of showing gratitude to those who had come to their rescue when they needed it the most.

“Nowadays, I don’t feel like a poor man. Whoever has children like mine cannot be poor,” Idris concludes.

This inspiring story reminds us of the immense love and sacrifices parents make for their children. It serves as a reminder that true wealth lies in the unbreakable bond and selflessness of a family.