Ways to Make Your Man Feel Loved and Special

In a relationship, it’s important to make your partner feel appreciated and loved. And just like women, men also have words that they love to hear. These simple phrases can make a big impact on how your man feels. So, whether you’re on a date or in a serious relationship, try mentioning these phrases to make him feel extra special.

1. “I’m So Lucky To Have You”

Letting your guy know that you feel lucky to have him makes him feel noticed and appreciated. It’s not just about being happy that he’s around and lets you have the last slice of pizza. It’s about genuinely feeling lucky that out of all the people in the world, you two found each other. This will give him warm and fuzzy feelings in no time.

2. “You Look Handsome”

When you tell your man that he looks handsome, it gives him a great feeling. Hearing it from the woman he loves adds a special meaning to it. Physical attraction is important in a relationship, even if you’ve been together for a while. So, let your man know that you still find him attractive, just like when you first met. When he tells you that his heart still skips a beat when he sees you in a little black dress, it’s the same feeling he gets when you tell him he looks handsome.

3. “I’m So Proud Of You”

If your man has been feeling stressed out by work, school, or other obligations, he may be doubting himself. But giving him reassurance that he’s not only doing well but also making you proud will make him grin from ear to ear. Sometimes we all need that extra push to keep going. Let him know that you’re supportive of his endeavors and that you think he’s already achieved success just by trying. This kind of validation will give him a boost of positivity.

4. “You Make Me Happy”

Telling your man that he’s the source of your happiness will make him feel wanted, respected, and loved. Make sure he knows that everything he does for you brings you joy. Knowing that he has such an important role in your happiness will mean the world to him.

5. “You’re A Great Man/Husband/Boyfriend/Father”

No matter what role your man plays in your life, everyone loves to hear that they are great at it. Being in a partnership requires sacrifice, whether it’s time, effort, or money. Letting your guy know that he’s not just a great person, but also a great man, husband, boyfriend, or father, reinforces the idea that his sacrifices are worth it. Your appreciation and love for him will reignite his desire to keep pushing forward through the tough parts of life.

6. “I’m On Your Side”

When the going gets tough, your man wants to know that someone is in his corner, supporting and standing by him. Telling him that you’re on his side is a must-do if you want to make him feel good. Loyalty is an important attribute in a strong relationship. Letting him know that you have his back in a stressful situation takes off the pressure and increases the sense of security and intimacy between you two. Knowing that you’re on his side, even when the world seems against him, means everything.