Remembering Toby Keith: A Conversation with Brett Favre

Brett Favre remembers his last conversation with Toby Keith before his passing

As the world mourns the loss of country legend Toby Keith, new details have emerged about his final days. In an emotional interview with TMZ Sports, retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre reflects on his last conversation with Keith, revealing that he could sense the end was near for the singer.

Favre shared, “I think in the end he was just tired. He told me, ‘Brett… whatever happens, I’m okay with it.’” These words struck a chord with Favre, prompting him to reach out to his friend. The former NFL player had noticed Keith’s ailing appearance during his December performances in Las Vegas and wanted to check in. Despite hoping for a positive turnaround, Favre soon realized that Keith’s condition had worsened.

During their conversation, Keith mentioned his decision to quit chemotherapy, admitting that it had caused more harm than the cancer itself. Despite this, he expressed gratitude for being able to finish his shows. Favre commended Keith for his grace and resilience in the face of stomach cancer, saying he stood up to it as bravely as one could.

Toby Keith performs on stage

On Monday night, Toby Keith passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family. His death came two years after he revealed his diagnosis in December 2021.

“He was an entertainer. He was the best,” Favre fondly recalled.

As we continue to grieve the loss of Toby Keith, let us share this story and keep his memory alive.