Paris Jackson Opens Up About Life After Losing Her Father at 50

Michael Jackson's only daughter revealed what happened to her after legendary singer died aged 50

Losing a parent is a life-changing experience that is difficult to put into words. It’s a journey of grief and profound change that not many can truly understand unless they have experienced it themselves. Imagine going through that while also being scrutinized by the media.

In 2009, Michael Jackson, the beloved King of Pop, passed away at the age of 50, leaving behind his three young children – Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Prince was 12, Paris was 11, and Blanket was just 7 years old at the time. The world mourned the loss of a cultural icon, while Prince, Paris, and Blanket mourned the loss of their father.

Paris Jackson, MJ’s only daughter, gave a heart-rending tribute to her father during his televised memorial service. She described him as the “best father you could ever imagine” before breaking down in tears.

After MJ’s death, his children were taken in by their grandmother Katherine, who was a strict Jehovah’s Witness and had a different way of running things compared to what the kids were accustomed to. Paris opened up about her life after her father’s passing during an episode of the Red Table Talk podcast in 2021.

When asked how she found the strength to keep going, Paris admitted that she was so young at the time that she wasn’t fully conscious of the need to keep moving forward. She went along with what she was told and followed the motions without fully understanding what was happening around her.

With their father gone, Jackson’s children had to adjust to a new lifestyle. They attended traditional school instead of being homeschooled and lived under the strict guidance of their grandmother Katherine. Despite the challenges, Paris expressed her respect for all the family members who helped raise them. She emphasized that she is still very close to her brothers and maintains connections with her extended family.

During holidays, they refer to their gatherings as “family reunions” as some family members are Jehovah’s Witnesses and do not celebrate holidays or birthdays. Paris values the love and respect she has for her family and encourages them to reach out whenever they want to connect.

Recently, Paris made headlines for covering up her 80 tattoos at the Grammy Awards. She explained that she did so to ensure that her tattoos wouldn’t distract from her outfit, but she still loves her piercings and body modifications.

Paris Jackson’s journey after losing her father at a young age is a testament to her strength and resilience. Despite the challenges and public scrutiny, she continues to embrace her family and find her own path in life.