Honoring Steve Irwin’s Legacy: The Story of Grace Warrior Irwin Powell

Steve Irwin, the beloved zookeeper and conservationist, touched the hearts of people all over the world. His passing was truly heartbreaking. Yet, his family continues to carry on his legacy. While Steve never had the chance to meet his granddaughter, Grace, she still holds a special place for him in her heart. Let’s dive into the heartwarming story of how Grace honors her late grandpa’s memory every single night.

At just 2 years old, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell already shares a deep connection with her late grandfather. Like the rest of her family, she is fascinated by wildlife. Bindi, Grace’s mother, describes her daughter as having a personality that reminds her of Steve. “She is just awing with everything. Her whole soul being is full of passion and enthusiasm,” says Bindi. It’s incredibly endearing to see a fiery and fabulous spirit in such a little one.

One of the ways Grace gets to know her grandfather’s legacy is through her visits to the Australia Zoo, where her family works. The zoo is not only a place where she can see incredible animals, but it also incorporates Steve’s presence in signs, videos, and everything else happening. To her, he is not just Steve Irwin, but “Grandpa Crocodile.” Every time she spots a reference to him, she gets genuinely excited.

Bedtime routines can be magical moments of connection between parents and children. For Grace and her mom, this routine holds an extra special memory. Bindi explains, “Every night we have this picture of dad feeding a crocodile. One night, we were going to bed to do our affirmations and she says, ‘Goodnight Grandpa Crocodile.’ So now every night before she goes to bed, we start our bedtime routine with saying goodnight to Grandpa Crocodile.” It’s heartwarming to know that Steve is still very much a part of Grace’s everyday life.

Even at such a young age, Grace has already picked up some of the iconic phrases from her grandpa’s show, “Crocodile Hunter.” Ask her what Grandpa Crocodile says, and she might reply with a cheerful “Crikey! Danger, danger, danger!” or “You little beauty.” Bindi finds it amusing how Grace channels her dad’s enthusiasm in those moments.

Grace’s uncle, Robert Irwin, shares the same joy when watching her antics. He believes that if their dad were still alive, Grace would be his partner in all the adventures he loved. Robert expresses his deep love for Grace, saying, “Being an uncle is the best job I’ve ever had in my whole life. She’s so intelligent, so caring. Every time I see Bindi, Chandler, and Grace, I just think about the amount of pride that dad would have in this next generation.”

The Irwin family’s love for and devotion to Steve is evident. They have kept his legacy alive through the Crocodile Hunter Lodge, where visitors can experience a close connection with animals while enjoying a luxury vacation. The lodge incorporates many elements that were important to Steve, fulfilling his desire for guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural world and connect with wildlife.

Bindi describes the lodge as a dream come true. “Dad always wanted a way for our guests to be fully immersed into the natural world and to fully connect with our wildlife, which is what he was all about. The Crocodile Hunter Lodge incorporates so many parts of dad,” shares Robert. It is something they are incredibly proud to have created in honor of their father’s vision.

The Irwin clan’s journey is truly heartwarming and inspiring. Let’s share this incredible update with others who were fans of the late Steve Irwin. Together, we can keep his legacy alive and continue to spread his passion for wildlife conservation.