Hearts Break For Joe Jonas’s Ex Sophie Turner 💔

Months after Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas made their divorce final, the couple agreed on a joint custody schedule. This has sparked interesting reactions, as Sophie and Joe have never posted pictures of their children on social media before. However, some people have taken notice of the comments sections.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Recently, Sophie Turner shared photos of herself and her rumored new beau, giving us a peek into her love life. But instead of celebrating her happiness, mom-shamers started attacking her in the comments section. They questioned her parenting skills and demanded to know where her kids were.

Thankfully, there were also other moms who came to Sophie’s defense. They pointed out the hypocrisy of questioning her now when she had never posted her children even before her divorce. They also highlighted the double standards by noting that Joe Jonas doesn’t face the same scrutiny when he posts pictures without their kids.

The trolling and judgment faced by Sophie Turner are not only unfair but also unnecessary. As reported earlier, Sophie and Joe reached a custody agreement in October 2023, where the children would spend equal time in loving homes in both the U.S. and the UK. This means that when Sophie went on her ski trip, it was likely that Joe had the kids.

It’s important for us to remember that everyone deserves privacy and space, regardless of their parental status. As moms, we should empower and support each other rather than judging and shaming. Let’s celebrate Sophie Turner’s happiness and respect her choices as a mother.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

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