Sparks Fly on The View: Miranda Lambert’s Selfie Debacle Divides Co-Hosts

A fiery debate erupted on Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s The View, sparked by a recent viral video of country star Miranda Lambert, 39. During her July 15 Las Vegas concert, Lambert interrupted her performance to criticize fans for taking selfies. The incident quickly became a hot topic among the co-hosts, with Sunny Hostin, 54, and Whoopi Goldberg, 67, finding themselves on opposite sides of the argument.

Sunny insisted that if people paid a hefty $757 for tickets, they should be allowed to take as many selfies as they want. She backed the right of concertgoers to capture their memories through photographs. Whoopi, on the other hand, fiercely advocated for respect towards performers. She firmly stated, “If you’re going to spend $750 to come to my concert, then give me the respect of watching me while I do my thing, or don’t come.”

To emphasize her point, Whoopi dramatically got up from her seat and headed towards the audience, leaving her co-hosts stunned. She addressed Sunny’s preference for preserving concert memories through photos by retorting, “Turn on the television, girl.” As she approached a 91-year-old woman in the audience, Whoopi intended to take a selfie, further intensifying the debate.

The original controversy began when Miranda Lambert paused her concert and chastised attendees for being more concerned about taking selfies than listening to her performance. In a TikTok video capturing the moment, Lambert can be seen halting her ballad and requesting her pianist to stop playing. Addressing her audience, she commented, “These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song,” expressing her frustration.

Lambert’s comments led to a few fans leaving the venue, with one person audibly expressing their disagreement, stating, “Let’s go — you don’t do that to fans.” Adela Calin, one of the women reprimanded by Miranda, later shared her feelings with NBC News. She compared the experience to being scolded by a teacher at school, feeling belittled and immature. Miranda made them feel like they were “young, immature, and vain.”

Despite the backlash, some fans continue to show support for the country star. Lindsey, a concert attendee, defended Miranda in a comment on a post promoting animal safety and responsible pet ownership. She stated, “Team @mirandalambert she owes no one an apology. Saw it all first hand and those girls had taken 1000 selfies before she finally had enough.”

The debate on The View has highlighted the ongoing tension between respecting performers and indulging in personal experiences at concerts. As fans and artists navigate the world of live performances in the age of social media, finding a balance between capturing memories and being present in the moment remains a contentious issue.