Hugh Laurie’s New Project: A Murder Mystery Adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Classic Novel

Renowned actor Hugh Laurie, known for his roles in Blackadder and House, was recently spotted out and about, taking a leisurely stroll with his beloved dog. Despite his usual energy, he seemed a bit more relaxed on this sunny day.

Hugh had just attended the launch of his new sitcom, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”, for which he had dressed warmly in a navy sweater, a dark blue hat, black slacks, and sneakers. But this time, he’s not just working on a comedy. Hugh, at the age of 62, is diving into the world of murder mysteries with a new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic 1934 novel, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”.

This star-studded series promises to bring Christie’s gripping tale to life, with some of Hollywood’s biggest names donning captivating costumes. One of the lead roles, Bobby Jones, is played by talented actor Will Poulter. He portrays the son of a vicar who teams up with the daring Lady Frances Derwent, played by Frances Derwent, to solve a mysterious and perplexing murder. Not only that, but the esteemed Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent portray Lady Frances Marcham’s aristocratic parents, adding even more allure to the cast.

In this miniseries, Hugh takes on the role of Dr. James Nicholson, a psychotherapist who guides the characters through this suspenseful journey. With his directing skills and on-screen talent, Hugh is thrilled to be part of this project. As a teenager, he was already a fan of the original novel and its intriguing mystery, and that curiosity has stayed with him all these years.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to bring this fantastic group of characters to life in a new way,” Hugh expressed with enthusiasm. “This work holds great significance to me, and I was determined to dress my best and bring my A-game to fully reflect the brilliance of this ensemble.”

Get ready for an enthralling adventure as Hugh Laurie leads a talented cast in this captivating murder mystery adaptation of Agatha Christie’s beloved novel, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”