Paparazzi Sneaks Photos Of Ivanka In A Bikini And Now They’re Going Viral

The Trump family is making headlines once again, but this time it’s for their luxurious lifestyle outside of the White House. Last Sunday, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were spotted enjoying the sunny shores of Miami’s Biscayne Bay. The paparazzi managed to capture Ivanka in a stunning black bikini as she took a dive into the warm water from the back of their yacht. She was joined by her family, including their daughter Arabella and Jared’s father Charles Kushner.

Charles Kushner, who had served time in prison for various charges, seemed to be relishing his newfound freedom as he spent quality time with his family. Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump, had granted him a pardon just before President Biden took office.

These photos of Ivanka in her black bikini have quickly become viral, and it’s not hard to see why. Her figure looks incredible, and it’s clear that she is enjoying a rare moment of relaxation with her loved ones now that they are no longer in the White House. The pictures show Ivanka diving into the crystal-clear blue water alongside her nine-year-old daughter Arabella, while her other children, Joseph and Theodore, play on a water raft.

While the family enjoys their time in Miami, it’s worth mentioning that Charles Kushner has a controversial past. During his trial, it was revealed that he had hired prostitutes for nefarious purposes. The court case exposed that he even went as far as hiring a prostitute to seduce his own brother, who was cooperating with federal authorities in a criminal investigation. Despite his troubled history, Charles appeared to be cherishing this moment with his family on the yacht.

In the paparazzi shots, Jared and Charles are seen lounging at the back of the yacht, while Ivanka and the children make the most of the water. The photos showcase Ivanka in a stylish black bikini, while her daughter looks adorable in a hot pink one-piece swimsuit.

The Daily Mail ran a report on Ivanka’s Miami adventure, sparking a range of reactions from readers around the world. Here are a few mixed thoughts:

  • “The whole family is way too attractive and wealthy for DC, which will fade in their memories as a little gray blip of a speed bump in life.”
  • “One grandpa just out of prison released by the other grandpa who is about to go to prison.”
  • “That family is forever stained as a disgrace for trying to overturn the democratic process and supporting an insurrection.”
  • “She looks like a great wife and mom.”
  • “Yes, stop taking photos of her. No one cares. Just happy they are out of the White House, good riddance.”
  • “Was the cameraman on the Moon when he took those Ivanka Beach pics?”
  • “So what? She is entitled to do WHATEVER she wants as long as no law is being broken.”

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