Handyman Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A determined handyman from Northern California recently made headlines for his unconventional approach when squatters took over his mother’s vacant home. In a video that quickly went viral on social media, Flash Shelton showed the world how he booted the squatters out by moving in himself while they were away from the house.

Shelton, armed with firearms, boldly pushed his way through the front door and established his presence in the home. His motive behind the unconventional tactic was simple: “If they could take a house, then I could take a house,” he asserted passionately in the video. As a paying member of the United Handyman Association, Shelton felt a personal sense of outrage at the audacity of the squatters.

The video captures Shelton’s determination to reclaim his mother’s property. With every moment he spent inside the house, he sent a clear message to the squatters that he meant business. The video, aptly titled “How I removed squatters in less than a day,” has gained immense popularity, amassing over three million views in just two months.

In the video description, Shelton explains the circumstances that led him to take matters into his own hands. Frustrated by the squatters making themselves at home, despite the property being clearly vacant, he felt let down by the legal system’s supposed protection of squatters’ rights. Channeling his frustration, he devised a strategy to swiftly remove the unwanted occupants from his mother’s home.

However, Shelton goes on to caution against others attempting a similar course of action without the necessary training and licenses. He acknowledges that every situation is unique, and it’s crucial to be prepared for any eventuality. His personal encounter with the squatters happened to conclude peacefully, but it’s not always the case.

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