The New Trend of ‘Nose Covering’ in Group Photos

If you see your child covering their nose in group photos, you had better know what it means

Do you ever feel like the internet is leaving you behind? As someone who wouldn’t quite call themselves old, I can’t help but feel a bit aged and worn when I come across new slang or online movements that I struggle to understand. But one thing is for sure, the trends, they keep on coming.

Some trends are for a good cause, like the ALS ice bucket challenge that helped raise awareness and funds for charity. Others, well, not so much. Who could forget the infamous tide-pod challenge of 2018? But now, there’s a new trend on the rise, and it involves young people and group photos.

Dubbed ‘nose covering’, this trend sees people using their hands to cover their noses (and a significant portion of their faces) in photos. It may seem strange, and it certainly caught my attention, but it’s a real thing.

Now you may be wondering if there’s some secret signal behind it all. According to British parenting expert Amanda Jenner, it’s actually quite simple. In an interview with Fabulous, she explained that young people use this technique to remove themselves from photos without upsetting their parents.

As parents, we often want to capture special moments, but for teenagers, their appearance can be a big deal. Jenner explained, “Teenagers go through a period of not embracing their appearance, whether it’s acne, braces, or simply lacking self-confidence.”

Moreover, ‘nose covering’ can be particularly important for those teens who fear their photos being shared online and potentially subjected to mockery. Jenner expressed concern over harmful comments that could impact their confidence and lead to further issues.

So, if you spot your child covering their nose in a group photo, don’t worry. It’s just a normal part of growing up and asserting their independence. Remember to respect their boundaries during this developmental milestone.