Haunting Encounters on a Rainforest Run

We all love a good spooky image, don’t we? From Bigfoot sightings to flying saucers in the sky, there’s no shortage of creepy pictures floating around the internet. But let’s be real, most of them can be easily explained away as camera blurs or Photoshop tricks. However, every now and then, we come across photos that truly defy logic.

Take the case of runner Kay Borleis, for example. During her 100-mile run through the Hawaiian rainforest, a photo captured something eerie and unexpected. Kay’s friend Cassie, who was acting as her pacer, snapped the image while they were deep in the heart of the jungle. And when Kay zoomed in, she noticed something chilling.

In the photo, as Kay made her way along a muddy trail, a dark figure stood to the left of her head. The figure, dressed in torn clothing, seemed to be watching her. But here’s the creepiest part: there was no one else around them at the time. Kay took to Reddit to share her experience, assuring everyone that the photo was not doctored in any way.

Upon closer examination, some believe that the figure could be a Night Marcher, a ghostly Hawaiian warrior that supposedly haunts the island. Legends say that these spirits are vengeful and deadly. Anyone who looks upon them or defies their march is said to meet a gruesome fate. However, if one lies still, showing respect and fear, they may be spared.

Luckily for Kay and Cassie, they didn’t encounter the Night Marcher in person. But the encounter left them with an unsettling feeling. The incident prompted them to delve deeper into Hawaiian folklore and learn about the island’s haunted history.

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