Rummaging for Lost Treasures: The Incredible Find of Billy the Kid’s Photograph

Have you ever wondered what treasures might be hiding in your attic or tucked away in an old trunk? According to Randy Guijarro, the man who discovered a rare and valuable photograph of Billy the Kid, there are countless lost treasures just waiting to be found. In an interview with The Guardian, Guijarro shared his excitement and urged others to join the hunt for forgotten pieces of history.

Guijarro’s extraordinary journey began in 2010 when he stumbled upon a cardboard box in a Fresno, California antique shop. Inside the box were several old photographs, including a small tintype image measuring four-by-five inches. Little did Guijarro know that this $2 junk store find would turn out to be a multimillion-dollar photograph of Billy the Kid playing croquet.

Upon closer examination, Guijarro identified Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, leaning on a croquet mallet in the image. Alongside him were members of his gang, the Regulators, enjoying a game of croquet. Guijarro’s discovery is only the second confirmed photograph of the notorious criminal, making it an incredibly valuable piece of history.

The journey to authenticate the photograph was no easy task. A National Geographic program, narrated by Kevin Costner, detailed the five-year effort and the challenges Guijarro and his wife, Linda, faced. Skepticism and false leads often left them feeling anxious and unsure who to trust. However, their determination and perseverance paid off when the photograph was finally authenticated.

The estimated worth of the photograph is an astounding $5 million. With this unexpected windfall, Guijarro and his wife plan to fund additional expeditions in search of more forgotten parts of history. “We enjoy going on adventures,” Guijarro shared. “The hunt is a truly magnificent event.” Their passion for uncovering hidden treasures will now be fueled by this extraordinary find.

But that’s not all. The Guijarros also plan to use some of the money to treat themselves to a new automobile. It’s a well-deserved reward after the long and sometimes lonely journey they went through. Additionally, they want to pay off bills and help their friends and relatives. Their dream of exploring forgotten parts of the United States and the world will also become a reality.

Looking back at his experience, Guijarro reflects on the ups and downs of the journey. “It has its highs and lows,” he said. “It’s far too good to be true.” Yet, despite the challenges, he and Linda are grateful for the incredible adventure they embarked on, and the tremendous value they brought to light.

So if you have a passion for history and a desire to uncover hidden treasures, take a page out of Randy Guijarro’s book and start rummaging. Who knows what priceless items may be waiting to be discovered? As Guijarro wisely advises, “Go into trunks and attics because there are so many lost treasures out there.” It’s time to embrace the thrill of the hunt and embark on your own magnificent adventure.