Brave Florida Woman Stops Carjacking Attempt, One Suspect Dead

In a shocking turn of events, a Florida woman and her son found themselves in a dangerous situation when two men attempted to steal their car instead of buying it. However, the carjackers did not anticipate the brave response they would receive.

Louise Ornduff and her son, Kalaeb, had arrived early at the Bank of America parking lot for a meeting with the supposed car buyers. Little did they know, 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary and 17-year-old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman had different intentions – they were armed and ready to steal the vehicle.

As Kalaeb drove up, the armed carjackers demanded the keys. Faced with the threat to their lives, Kalaeb made the difficult decision to hand over the keys rather than risk any harm to himself or his mother. With the stolen car now speeding away, a moment of heroism emerged.

Showing incredible courage, Ornduff pulled out her weapon and fired a single shot, unknowingly hitting Singletary. Despite Coleman’s attempts to escape the scene, he was left with the unfortunate burden of a deceased accomplice beside him. Coleman made a detour to a hospital, where Singleton was pronounced dead.

Following the incident, the police began investigating Singleton’s death and quickly established the connection to the carjacking. Criminal defense attorney Anthony Rickman, who is not involved in the case, explained that the investigation would focus on determining if self-defense was a valid defense based on the circumstances.

Police wasted no time in charging Coleman with second-degree murder and armed robbery. The murder charge was attributed to Singleton’s death occurring during the commission of a felony. Deputy Chief Eric Gandy of the Clearwater Police Department emphasized the significance of the suspects’ criminal history and their engagement in an armed robbery.

The outcome of this carjacking has sparked a conversation on social media, with many individuals expressing their support for Ornduff’s actions. People commended her for defending herself and her son from the threatening criminals. One Facebook user said, “She was right in what she did and had to, I would have done the same thing had I been in her shoes, and the police and courts should back her up.” Another commenter noted, “They both got what they deserved.”

The story serves as a reminder that bravery can emerge in unexpected moments, and that the actions we take to protect ourselves and our loved ones can have far-reaching consequences.